Sunday 27 November 2016

Striped Top and Black Skirt - Outfit of the Day

Keep it Simple, Stupid // K.I.S.S - who remembers learning this acronym at school? Whenever I'm writing a report, article or even a text, sometimes it's better to keep things simple. I believe this can also be applied to fashion - less is always more - and was definitely my thinking behind this outfit. Yes, it's super simple but also effortlessly stylish? I've been wearing this skirt non-stop since I bought it back in August - it's that staple piece that just seems to match everything so well. I paired this simple striped top from Primark, alongside my trusty fringed bag from H&M, and voila - simple, understated and stylish. Well, at least I think so... ;) 

(Top - Primark / Skirt - Warehouse / Bag - H&M / Necklace - Vintage)

I decided to complete the look with this decorative floral necklace that I discovered on eBay. I probably shouldn't share this piece of information because it's one of my best kept secrets - but I find amazing costume jewellery on eBay, at even more amazing prices. It's a great way to find unique and stunning pieces, which will stand out from the crowd. But shhhhhh... let's keep that style secret between ourselves, okay? :)

What do you think of this super simple outfit? Do you agree that Less is More? 

More soon, 



  1. que guapa me encanta el look,
    un besito

  2. So amazing bad and skirt!

  3. less is more indeed. great look!

  4. that's such a cute necklace! cute outfit x

  5. Love the necklace :)

  6. Wow, lovely outfit...!!! I love the skirt, so chic!

  7. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  8. That is the perfect skirt and you wear it well!! It always looks so good on you!! :) That striped top is super cute too!! Hope that you are feeling better now babe! :)

    1. Thank you so much lovely, really appreciate it! x

  9. Loved your post! <3
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? ^^

    Michelle |

  10. This is such a cute outfit and the skirt is just wow! Love it! Keep it up fashionista!


  11. This would be one of my go to looks, great paring! xoxo


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