Wednesday 30 October 2013

Autumn Leaves

Dress - River Island @ ASOS
Boots and Bag - ASOS
Necklace - Oasis

Hello loves!

I was wearing this dress in an earlier post and wanted to show it again, as it's one of my Autumn favourites. The lovely, unique floral pattern allows it to easily transform from casual to smart, with a little help from accessories. It's incredibly comfy, providing me with a perfect dress for that day to night transition, and to top it all off, I got it on sale from ASOS last month - Yay! 

I decided to be one with nature and have a wee photo-shoot at the bottom of my garden/jungle. I always love the shades of orange and brown that the leaves turn towards the middle of Autumn and start of Winter.  It adds so much colour to the usually very green canvas. There is such a dark and spooky presence in the air with the arrival of Halloween, and the inner goth in me loves it! I've already looked out the Addams Family and Beetlejuice DVDs to watch over the weekend. Taking inspiration from this, I've decided to dress up as one of my childhood style icons, Wednesday Addams. (I was quite the little emo back in my day!) Another ghostly icon was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but as per usual, I haven't left myself enough time to plan such an outfit! Wednesday is perfect for the last minute people like me. Great if you don't have enough time, and classically spooky enough to still scare people! 



Sunday 27 October 2013


Hello all!

I am super excited and happy to announce I've been chosen to take part in the brand new #AccessAllAsos campaign! I have been selected to be in one of the first batch of ASOS Insiders! It's very exciting and at the moment I'm not quite sure what it entails, but I wanted to show you all the lovely, personalised gift box I received in the post a few days ago! Inside the box there was a thoughtful handwritten letter, a wonderfully cozy winter beanie hat, a bright red Rimmel lipstick to add some glamour and a sweet fortune cookie! 

I didn't think it was possible to love ASOS anymore than I already do, but alas, I've been proved wrong! ASOS, you the best- Thank you! :) If you are reading this and wish to take part as well, applications are open for 2014 - Go, go go! 


Friday 25 October 2013

Anyone for Tea?

Floral Dress - River Island at ASOS
Fringed bag - H&M

Hello lovelies!

Very quick post today! I've been full of the flu all week and been in my bed drinking copious amounts of tea. To cheer myself up, I visited the most delightful little cafe in my area. Just off Belmont Street, a sweet new place called Cup has opened up and it's wonderful, literally. For those who have been before, please do not think I'm a creep for posing in the bathroom area... I just absolutely love the way it's been decorated and the quirky, Alice in Wonderland artwork and features on the walls. It's precisely the type of cafe I'd love to open for myself - mountains of teapots, flowers and art! I went for breakfast one day and it was exactly what I needed. I ordered a healthy granola pot, which arrived in a lovely glass jar, packed with fruit, yoghurt and honey. Absolute heaven, and for £3 I will definitely be going back for more! 



Sunday 20 October 2013

Sublime Sundays!

Whole Outfit: ASOS
Checkered Dress: Here
Lime Jumper: Here
Cut-Out Boots: Here
Black Satchel: Here

Hello loves, 

Who doesn't love a trip to the seaside?! Especially in Aberdeen where you're guaranteed gale force winds and a fight with an army of seagulls... Nevertheless, I love it! The beach is always bustling with people, whether its surfers, rollerbladers, and we even saw kickboxers (?!) the last time! If you get peckish, stop by the Inversnecky cafe, made famous for its 'Mr Whippy' ice-cream, and gigantic Knickerbocker Glory. Spot the cheeky seagull making its way into the photo... Good thing I didn't have any food in my hand, as it would have most definitely been pinched! 

I was on hand in case the lighthouse broke down, with this glowing lime jumper! The bright neon stands out in a crowd and will be perfect for those dark, Winter nights, I'll be seen a mile off haha! It's a very fun jumper to wear and currently keeping me super warm as I'm full of the cold... I guess it's just that time of year, always something going about! Blehhhhh! Pass the soup and tissues, I hate being ill! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


Friday 18 October 2013

I felt you and I knew you loved me. x

Whole Outfit - ASOS
Trick or Treat Tee - Here
Faux Leather Skirt - Here
Egyptian Eye Jumper - Here
Satchel Bag - Here

Hello all! 

How cool is this Tracey Emin neon sign? It's been in the Aberdeen Art Gallery for a few years now and I always forget how much I love it, then quickly reminded as soon as I see it again. When the art gallery doors are wide open, the neon sign is so bright, I can still see it from across the street. I'm definitely going to have one in my future home when I'm ridiculously rich. (One can dream...)

After being super cultural and spending an afternoon walking round town, I went to my hands down favourite gluten free/vegan cafe, Books and Beans. Not only does it offer delicious gluten free sarnies, which is right up my street as I'm gluten intolerant, (see, you're learning new things about me everyday!) the cafe is also packed full of books that can be bought/swapped. I think it's a great idea and as I munched away, I could enjoy my favourite murder mystery. The cafe also features amazing 'people watching' points, which I should probably count as one of my hobbies, I get so much enjoyment out of it. Nothing weird.. I just like looking at people... hahaha!

Anywayssss, more soon! :)



Monday 14 October 2013

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Glitter Ball.

Dress, Belt & Jewellery - All Vintage (Sorry!)
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Bag - H&M

Hello Loves

A shiny post for you all today! I looooove this vintage dress that I won on eBay last week for ... wait for it... 99p! This is exactly why I love eBay. I always manage to find lovely, cheap items, that about 87% of the time, turn out great! This dress was photographed really badly, and poorly described, but I saw some potential and for 99p, I wasn't worried. Luckily, it didn't turn out to be a potato sack and to my delight, I didn't even know it had glitter paisley detailing until I opened the package! I'd say it's definitely worth the scavenge through the hundreds of items listed on eBay. You never know what you will find and I'm always pleasantly surprised! 

Also, funny story of the week for you all. Managed to embarrass myself completely one day at uni this week. I saw my friend DeeDee sitting with her back to me. I instantly recognised her black, wavy hair, her green, fluffy parka jacket and her distinctive cup of coffee she's always drinking from. I haven't seen DeeDee since we lived together in Denmark and so finally, after a good few months of being seperated, we were finally going to be reunited. I run right up behind the girl, jump on her, scream in her face and give her a massive hug!!....

Only to discover that the girl I 'attacked' wasn't DeeDee. And safe to say, I was mortified...

Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

More soon, including some exciting ASOS news! 



Saturday 5 October 2013

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