Wednesday 9 October 2013

Glitter Ball.

Dress, Belt & Jewellery - All Vintage (Sorry!)
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Bag - H&M

Hello Loves

A shiny post for you all today! I looooove this vintage dress that I won on eBay last week for ... wait for it... 99p! This is exactly why I love eBay. I always manage to find lovely, cheap items, that about 87% of the time, turn out great! This dress was photographed really badly, and poorly described, but I saw some potential and for 99p, I wasn't worried. Luckily, it didn't turn out to be a potato sack and to my delight, I didn't even know it had glitter paisley detailing until I opened the package! I'd say it's definitely worth the scavenge through the hundreds of items listed on eBay. You never know what you will find and I'm always pleasantly surprised! 

Also, funny story of the week for you all. Managed to embarrass myself completely one day at uni this week. I saw my friend DeeDee sitting with her back to me. I instantly recognised her black, wavy hair, her green, fluffy parka jacket and her distinctive cup of coffee she's always drinking from. I haven't seen DeeDee since we lived together in Denmark and so finally, after a good few months of being seperated, we were finally going to be reunited. I run right up behind the girl, jump on her, scream in her face and give her a massive hug!!....

Only to discover that the girl I 'attacked' wasn't DeeDee. And safe to say, I was mortified...

Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

More soon, including some exciting ASOS news! 




  1. I'm in love with this outfit! Especially the dress! So sad it is vintage! x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful pattern on this dress! I like the off-shoulder style as well.
    It's nice to shop on eBay, but so good if you want to sell something there ;)

    Lu ❤

  4. Beautiful outfit Helen, as always! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :) I really hope you get a chance to do it! xx

  5. Hi, dear!
    You look great!
    I am your newest follower from now!:}

  6. Oh my, hope the 'attackee' wasn't too startled! hahaha You look lovely! x

    Fernanda | Ferdie's Beauty Finds

  7. You look so elegant hun, the dress is a beautiful piece and your styling is really sophisticated. Stopping by to say hi.. Hope your week is going well!

  8. beautiful dress!

  9. I love your dress, it' so pretty! x

  10. Love how you styled this, and thumbs up for eBay!
    xo, Connie

  11. Very cute dress! you look lovely. Thank you dear for your sweet comment and follow. I'm following you back. Stay in touch.

    P.S. I like your funny story :)

  12. ouw love the outfit =)
    I just followed you

  13. Hellen!! you look so pretty!!!
    I am a new follower:*:*:*

  14. my goodness haha that would've been embarrassing!! What did the girl say when you did that? hahahaha

  15. Wow! You are so beautiful, you must be a model! :)) I love your blog :)

    Follow? :)
    Visit my blog

  16. Your dress is beautiful ! I love it !

    I also love Ebay because you can find so many pretty things for cheap.

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