Saturday 30 July 2016

A Weekend in Glasgow, Scotland - Things To Do in the City.

In one of my last posts, yeah the one where I declared my love for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, oh yeah that one, I spoke about how my boyfriend and I travelled down to Glasgow to enjoy the concert. We spent a great weekend in the Scottish city and I'm excited to share with you some snaps of the trip. First things first, burgers:


Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Lust List: Favourite Summer Dresses 2016

With wedding and summer holiday season fast approaching, it's always a great excuse to refresh your wardrobe and treat yourself to some *much needed* new additions. I've selected my favourite summer dresses spotted on the high-street right now, my bank balance won't thank me for this! Just click on each picture to be directed to each product, enjoy!




Sunday 10 July 2016

Journey to Stornaway, Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Hello lovelies!  
You may have read my previous post, where I talked about a recent trip with friends around Scotland. I spoke about the importance of exploring your own country, and in some sense, being a tourist in your own area. I came home from the previous trip with a real case of the travel bug. I'd been bitten by adventure and was desperate to go someplace new.  
My boyfriend was out living in Stornaway studying energy engineering for the year and had invited me to visit. Never before had I planned to travel so far west, and this place was pretty rural indeed. Nevertheless, I was excited to go and visit a place that I would never have thought about visiting before. 
Stornoway - Isle of Lewis 
Stornoway - Isle of Lewis 

Friday 8 July 2016

My Morning Routine - Lifestyle Post

I recently shared my tips on how to become a morning person, and so I thought it fitting to also share with you all my morning routine. It tends to stay the same most days, with the occasional, well deserved lie in at weekends, of course.  
Wake up to the Radio - I love to wake up to the sound of music and always have my radio alarm set for those early mornings. I've done this for years now and still have fond memories of being a young teenager and waking up to the Chris Moyle's Show on Radio One [who else would laugh their heads off every morning?]. Listening to a DJ can be a relaxing way to get you ready for your day - all you need is one great tune to get you out of bed and ready to face the day. 

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