Wednesday 20 May 2015

* Game of Thrones - Book Review *

Hello lovelies! 

Slight change from my usual fashion related posts today, as I thought I would try my hand at a book review! I’ve not always been the biggest fan of reading, always choosing to draw or watch TV instead (I know, I was an awful child), but since I’ve grown older, curling myself up on the sofa with a good book has become my preferred way to spend an afternoon.  
After being a super fan of the TV series, I decided to read the Game of Thrones books (Super fans out there, I know that the series is actually called 'A Song of Ice and Fire'...) and I'm happy to say that I'm really, really enjoying it. It can be hard to commit to a book series, especially if you’ve watched the TV show for years, but I’m determined to get through them all! 

A Game of Thrones Book Review - Electric Sunrise Blog

I know that this review is slightly overdue, considering the books have been out for years and we have begun season five of the show (I’m loving it so far!). But I think it’s never too late to start a book series, and I think it's important to do so, especially since the books will include much greater detail of the characters and events. Naturally, it’s impossible for the TV shows to include absolutely everything, and just by reading the first book, I’ve already learnt so much more about the characters we have all come to know and love so well on the show (who knew Jon Snow was only 14?! He sports some impressive stubble for a teenager...). Anyways, being such a fan of the show, I knew I had to make the commitment, sit down and begin the first book.
Initially, I thought it would be a difficult read and the size of the book was enough to put me right off. However I've been wonderfully surprised at how easy it is to get through and I think the way in which George R.R. Martin decided to split the chapters by each character was a fantastic idea. Each chapter is about 10 pages or so, which makes the big read very manageable. 
I’ve just finished book one and I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of reading as many of the books I possibly can before the TV season ends. I’d love to be up-to-date with the books as season six approaches. I don’t think this will be a very hard challenge though, considering I literally couldn’t put the first book down due to sheer enjoyment!
Have you read any of the books? Who is your favourite character?
Let me know below! :)
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Friday 8 May 2015

Summer with Esprit

Hello lovelies! 

I've always been aware of international fashion brand Esprit, however I must admit I've never known much about the company- until now! I was recently browsing online when I came across their new Summer collection. I really warmed to the wide range of styles available and the nicely designed website (always an important factor for me when I'm shopping online), which provides a really quaint history to the company - it was nice to discover more about a brand I knew very little about!

Esprit was founded by Susie Buell and Doug Tompkins - The two met and married in 1963, and five years later, the brand was born. The duo went on to manage and build one of the biggest fashion brands to date. With their business strategies heavily influenced by the hippie movement throughout the 60s, the brand was built on solid foundations - care and attention was given to employees, social issues and the welfare of the environment. The brand places significant focus on product sustainability, eco-awareness and social responsibility, and so it's no wonder that Esprit has continued to grow from strength to strength. 

Summer with Esprit - Beach outfit created by Helen at
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The new summer collection features a wide range of different styles and looks including intricate florals, sublime embroidery and lashings of white on white, to provide a classic summer wardrobe. I decided to create a stylish and relaxed Summer beach outfit, which is perfect for days lounging by the pool, catching some rays and reading your favourite fashion mag. Esprit takes pride in creating clothes that motivate individuals, and strives to make every customer feel good:

'If it's not inspiring, it's not Esprit'

Is Esprit one of your favourite brands?
Let me know what you think of their summer collection! :)

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Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Met Gala 2015 - Best Dressed

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So it’s that time of year again. From Chanel, to Prada to Topshop, celebs including – Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Beyoncè pull out all the stops on the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. The annual extravagant event attracts the Hollywood elite, and is nicknamed the ‘The Oscars of Fashion’ for a good reason.  
As much as I wish I could have been there, sadly like many others, I’m sat in my pyjamas scrolling through all the pictures of last night and drooling over some of the gorgeous designs. The event theme this year was ‘China Through The Looking Glass’ and many guests paid tribute to Chinese designers, as well as a range of wonderful creations from the world’s most famous fashion houses.
I’ve selected a few of my favourite outfits from last night and there seems to be a recurring theme; Red, White and Shimmer. Many opted for shades of crimson and cream, however all managed to create different looks. I loved the ladies that looked effortlessly chic in understated styles, and who let their dress do all the talking. 

Gigi Hadid was the perfect lady in red. The Diane von Furstenberg crimson colour compliments her hair and skin tone so well, and her natural beauty shines. 
Kate Beckinsale just oozes Hollywood elegance, and last night she resembled that of an Oscar statue. This lady never gets it wrong. 
Although Anna Wintour may have hit a bum note, her daughter Bee Shaffer looked elegant in this classic, Asian-inspired dress. I love the delicate cherry blossom design and the flattering neckline.
Selena Gomez glowed on the red carpet in this white, Vera Wang creation. I love the subtle oriental touches to the dress and the matching floral crown in her hair. 
I love the simplicity of Wei Tang’s Burberry Prorsum dress. It's a simple and flattering design but if you take a closer look, the dress is covered in diamonds and sparkles. She was accompanied by Burberry designer, Christopher Bailey.
Vanessa Hudgens looked adorably stylish in this custom H&M creation and netted headpiece. The dress is embroidered with Swarovski crystals and she looked the perfect little princess.
Amanda Seyfried makes a contrasting change in this Givenchy Haute Couture design, adding a refreshing white element to the sea of red. It’s not noticeable in the picture, but her dress is embroidered with beautiful lace flowers.
Sophie Turner made her Met Ball debut last night and was shining in this metallic Burberry Prorsum number. I couldn’t find a picture of Sophie on her own on the red carpet and I’m not surprised nobody would leave her alone. Sophie looks a world away from her Game of Thrones character Sansa, and was resembling a queen herself.
Last but not least, it would be rude not to include Sarah Jessica Parker. Arguably known as the 'Queen of the Met Ball', SJP never fails to impress and goes to great lengths every year to capture the chosen theme in her outfits. This year is no exception. Her outfit is receiving mixed reviews in the press, but I personally love it. Wearing a dress she designed herself with H&M and an amazing headdress by Philip Treacy, SJP did not let us down this year...

What do you think of my picks? Who do you think was best dressed last night? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

More soon,

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