Thursday 26 June 2014

* Paradise *

White Lace Dress - H&M
Blue and White Kimono - H&M
White Sandals - Topshop
Sunglasses - H&M

Hello Lovelies! 

I've had a little haitus from social media and blogging this last week or so. After a few hectic months, I took some well deserved time off to catch up with friends and relax. I think sometimes in this heavily digitally-oriented society, it's good to switch your phone off, and connect with people face-to-face. Even though I love technology, I can be quite against its principles sometimes, and a break away is always good to freshen the mind and focus on the important things in life. Hmmm getting a little deep now... Haha!

Anyways, you might recognise this backdrop from my last post as the Costa i Llobera Gardens in Barcelona. I'm desperate to return to the tranquil and tropical area, and I'm definitely missing the scorching sunshine. Scotland just does not compare. I'm wearing a lovely lace dress that I picked up from H&M before I went on holiday. I'm constantly worried H&M clothing will shrink in the wash though, (I've had too many heart breaking post washing machine moments) but was so happy when this sweet number stayed intact - Yay! 

I have lots of new outfit posts lined up to show you all. I may or may not have spent an absolute bomb in the ASOS sale.... It's 50% off right now so you really can't blame me! :)

More soon, 


Friday 13 June 2014

Barcelona Photo Diary // Part Two 2016

* Barcelona // Spain *

Hello lovelies! As promised, here is Part Two of my Barcelona photo diary. In the few days we spent in the amazing city, we tried to visit as many attractions as possible. 


Sunday 8 June 2014

Barcelona Photo Diary // Part One 2016

* Barcelona // Spain *

Hello lovelies! I'm home from a fantastic few days in Barcelona, Spain. I travelled there with four amazing girls and we had the best time. I thought I'd share my photos and give recommendations for anyone travelling there in the future. I had never been to Barcelona before, and I'm now dying to return!

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