Sunday 8 June 2014

Barcelona Photo Diary // Part One 2016

* Barcelona // Spain *

Hello lovelies! I'm home from a fantastic few days in Barcelona, Spain. I travelled there with four amazing girls and we had the best time. I thought I'd share my photos and give recommendations for anyone travelling there in the future. I had never been to Barcelona before, and I'm now dying to return!

* Casa Batllo // Gaudi's House *

I don't think it's possible to travel around Barcelona without noticing any of the unusual and well-known buildings designed by architect, Antoni Gaudi. We literally stumbled across the Casa Batllo whilst casually roaming the city. The unique and intricate design definitely stands out against the 'normal' spanish buildings, and although we did not venture inside (we were put off by the large number of tourists queuing), the exterior of the building itself is so impressive that we stood admiring it for a good five minutes. Maybe the next time I travel to Barcelona I will go inside. 

* La Rambla * 

On the second day of our trip we took the city cable car, which gave us a fantastic arial view of the entirety of Barcelona. One area that completely stands out is La Rambla, the tree-lined pedestrianised street with wonderful markets, stalls and cafes. The hustle and bustle of the area was packed with people taking in the experience, which subsequently provides a great people watching area. We sat at a cafe for at least an hour, just watching all different kinds of people pass by. 

La Rambla is a central, popular destination with so many things to see and do. Each connecting street leads to another wonderful square, and you could easily spend your entire holiday  just exploring the busy area. Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca once said that La Rambla was 'the only street in the world which I wish would never end.' ... and I definitely agree!

Incredible street performer - Thought it was a statue!
Me and Fiona drinking wonderful cocktails!
An example of a typical square we stumbled across off the La Rambla area.
Me and Dee enjoying fruit smoothies on La Rambla. 
Me and Katy loving life. I'm wearing:

Neon Lace Dress - Red Label 
White Sandals - Topshop

Next up, leading off of La Rambla we visited the La Boqueria food market. We walked through rows and rows and rows of stacked up stalls, each selling different goods from the other. We passed mountains of colourful fruit and veg, displayed so beautifully that it didn't even look real. We browsed through the wide variety of delicious looking fruit smoothies, before deciding to try a few flavours. I chose refreshing watermelon, which cooled me down in the hot spanish heat. We visited the market twice on our trip, seeing different things each time. I treated myself to a 'Kinder Bueno and Oreo Cookie' flavoured ice cream - I wish we had flavours like that back in the UK!  

My brother has been to Barcelona several times in the past and recommended we try vietnamese restaurant, Bun Bo. After some initial confusion (there are two Bun Bo restaurants and of course, me and my friends accidently went to different ones in seperate taxis), we arrived at a wonderfully, colourful restaurant where we had a fantastic oriental meal, consisting of traditional vegetable spring rolls and a mouthwatering chicken curry. Bun Bo has a lovely, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and we stayed there the entire evening, drinking mojitos and vietnamese green tea. 

Colourful lanterns across the entire roof!

* More soon *

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my Barcelona photo diary. Stay tuned for part two - We ventured to the beach, visited a magical fairy bar, wandered around some impressive gardens and much, much more! :)


* All photos were taken by, and belong to me. Please do not steal. Thank you :)



  1. Anonymous08 June, 2014

    Oh wow, lovely colourful photos! I'm angling to visit Barcelona for my 21st birthday.. wish me luck!! :)
    *I follow back on Bloglovin'*


  2. Kinder and Oreo ice-cream. You must have been in seventh heaven! So, so jel - looks like you had a fab time xo

  3. wow what lovely photos brings back some memories of when I went to Barcelona last Christmas however I was unfortunate because I was unable to properly explore the city.
    I love reading your posts as you have a lovely blog!!
    Asia xx

  4. Hello from Spain: I see that you are in my country. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city. Great dress. Nice pictures. You are very trendy. Keep in touch

  5. These photographs are gorgeous - Barcelona looks like such a beautiful, colourful city. I love the architecture, especially the buildings which line La Rambla. The fruit market looks so pretty (I might be encouraged to eat more fruit if ours looked like that!) and the Vietnamese restaurant is gorgeous!


  6. OMG, such a wonderful place! :) Love these photos~ <3

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  7. Great post! :)
    We will visit this beautiful city in two weeks... so excited. :)

    P&P style ❤ ☯ ☮ --- DIY --- fashion --- and more --- ☮ ☯ ❤

  8. Amazing pictures! Sure you had a great time in Barcelona :)

  9. i'm so desperate to go to barcelona!

    from helen at

    ps. there's £250+ of beauty products up for grabs on my blog! click here.

  10. love barcelona, have been twice, great pics

  11. Barcelona is Such a Nice city and i Love your pictures :)

  12. Wonderful! ♥
    I would like to be there... :)

  13. You look great and the images amazing.

  14. This is lovely! I went to Barcelona nearly 10 years ago for a weekend & loved it, it's certainly somewhere I hope to visit again one day :-)

    Victoria xxx

  15. i love travelling and Barcelona is one on my list! hope to be there too!
    btw, nice photos!
    check out my blog!

  16. Anonymous08 June, 2014

    Lovely photos. I visited Barcelona last year, such a vibrant city - I hope I can go back again soon! Looking forward to more photos :-)

    H x

  17. The images are so beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)
    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other.


  18. Looks like you had an amazing time! All that fruit is making me hungry!


  19. Hi dear! Thanks for stopping by my blog! These pictures are amazing! Barcelona seems like a unique place and I'm glad you had lots of fun there! :)

  20. This is so beautiful! I am completely jealous. All the bloggers have been traveling recently and it makes my travel bug itch so bad! I wish I had the money to travel, but alas I must live vicariously.

  21. great photos and now i would like to go there;d

  22. I wish I could go there too!

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  23. I love Barcellona!!!
    Amazing photos

  24. Wow, this is beautiful, I'd love to visit Barcelona! :D
    Would you like to follow each other? I'm following you from now! :D

  25. nice post!

  26. Lovely post, these pictures look amazing!

  27. Looks like such a beautiful place to visit! You guys seem like you had a blast and I like your dress <3
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  28. These are such pretty pictures! Love the fruits and drinks pictures!


  29. can't wait to be in barca again!

  30. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! I would love to visit Barcelona too!

  31. look to be a fantastic place!
    want to go there!

  32. Anonymous10 June, 2014

    Lovely pictures, reminds me of when I went :) x

    The Belle Narrative - Enter my giveaway :)

  33. These photos are gorgeous! Definitely makes me want to travel again!

  34. Hey honey!
    Do you think about follow each other on bloglovin?
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    I'll follow you too!

  35. That looks like so much fun! I love traveling. JEALOUS!!

    Taylor Morgan

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  36. That looks like an amazing trip - I'm so jealous you got to see Gaudi's buildings. I've wanted to see them since GCSE art.
    Eleanor -

  37. I'm from Spain (Madrid) and I was in Barcelona 2 times, is amazingg i love it! :)

  38. Beautiful place! I wish I could visit Barcelona one day :)


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  40. Amazing photos!
    I'm off to Barcelona next month so your posts are going to so helpful when I plan my trip

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  41. This place looks awesome!! Thank you for the lovely comment earlier :) xx


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