Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Solo Solis Sunglasses Review 2016

Easy on the Eyes // I absolutely love the arrival of Winter, particularly the low sun that's been exceptionally bright, even tricking me into thinking that some mornings it's still summer? But when I step outside, I'm quickly reminded that it is definitely the start of the colder months. The sun's glare can be particularly tough on the eyes around this time of year especially in the early mornings on my way to work. I was recently contacted by Solo Solis, a wholesale sunglasses company who kindly offered me the chance to review a pair. I opted for these sleek, black and gold glasses that have the quirky name, 'Gold on The Ceiling', inspired by the Black Keys song of the same name... Off to YouTube we go!


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Chanel Lookalike Dress - Outfit of the Day

The Chanel Lookalike // Avid blog readers and followers of mine will know that I have a slight obsession with eBay. I love the thrill of winning an auction or discovering a gem at an absolute bargain price. When I saw this dress online, I knew it had to be mine. The dim lighting and poor photography did no justice, but I could tell it would be a beauty. I was instantly drawn to the Chanel similarities. Obviously (and sadly), it's not a Chanel dress - it's actually from New Look, but I'm only sharing that secret with you! ;)


Friday, 21 October 2016

My Life in Pictures // Instagram

Instagram // Hello lovelies, hope you've had a great week. I'm sharing another dose of my daily pictures, sharing all kinds of inspiration and motivational things over on my Instagram account. I've had a slight obsession with purple sunsets/ sunrises lately - I think because they are very relaxing and beautiful to look at - I mean, who doesn't love sunset and sunrise?! I've always been a huge fan of vibrant light, evening skies and low suns - hence the name of this blog, Electric Sunrise. One of my favourite moments to view in nature is a sunrise, and I'll continue to share ones that inspire me. 


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Kartel Watches Review 2016

Kartel Watches // As you'll probably know from previous posts, I love to collect costume jewellery, whether that be earrings or necklaces. However, slowly but surely, my watch collection has also been growing, and I am so grateful to now add this beautiful Kartel Watch to my collection. I was initially drawn to the big clock face and appealing rose gold details. The strap is made from genuine leather, making this a high-quality piece, perfect for any occasion - smart or casual. The navy blue strap is subtle and matches most of my items perfectly - sometimes navy can be softer than black or silver, and matches the rose gold clock face beautifully. 

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