Wednesday 20 April 2016

My Birthday // Adele Concert in Glasgow

Hello lovelies!

Birthdays. As we get older, I believe birthdays should be about experience. As much as I love cake and presents, I’ve realised that what I really enjoy doing on my birthday is experiencing something new, whether that be a theatre show, live rock concert or taking part in a new sport or activity. Last year, my mum treated to a showing of the Whitney Houston inspired musical ‘The Bodyguard’ and it was pretty darn good. I didn’t think I’d manage to top that this year, but oh, how I was wrong.

One word: Adele. She announced that she was playing the Glasgow SSE Hydro, and the date of the concert? Yup, you guessed right – my birthday! I knew I had to get tickets but also knew that everyone else would be wanting tickets too. I’m sure many of you will have experienced the ticket frustration like I did i.e. the constant page buffering, the agonising wait to get through to the ticket page, the extreme disappointment felt when you finally got through, but suddenly Ticketmaster alerts you to the fact that tickets became sold out after two minutes. Yup, it was shit. Thankfully, I had a birthday guardian angel half way across the world in Australia – my friend Katy had been out there travelling and managed to purchase tickets for the Glasgow show, and kindly offered one to me – what a hero!

The concert. It was such a magical evening and I don’t think I’ll experience a concert like it ever again. We were seated the entire night and just soaked up the wonder that is Adele and her voice. She was hilarious and spoke to the crowd the entire time, laughing at how she had broken a nail before coming on stage, and wore a Scottish flag across her shoulders during the evening. At the end of the show, confetti fell down with ‘handwritten’ notes from the lady herself, making it a truly amazing birthday experience.

Did any of you guy get to see Adele perform? Let me know what you thought about the show below.

More soon,

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