Friday 4 November 2016

My Life in Pictures // Instagram

Instagram // You'll know from my previous post, that I have a slight obsession at the moment with pretty sunsets/ sunrises. I think it's something about the mellow, purple haze - I just find them very relaxing to look at, easy on the eyes and that's probably why I've been posting so many on my Instagram account. I'm still managing to share pictures from Summer - for example, that ice cream pic was taken back in August, when we had a scorcher of a day. Me and Owen loaded the car and headed down to the beach to spend the day in the sun and enjoyed treats like this one. Memories like that make me miss summer - I love Winter but there is nothing like having hot sun on your skin and not worrying to have to wear a jacket, or a dozen layers for that matter.

I hope you enjoy these daily updates from my Instagram account.

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