Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Glasses Shop Review and Discount 2017

Glasses Shop Review // As far back as I can remember, I've always had perfect vision. Seriously. I would boast about the fact that I was the only member of family who did not need to wear glasses and I was chuffed with my 20/20 vision. But let me tell you, I'm getting old... and I'm not happy about it. Back at Christmas time, I was getting a few headaches and noticed that some things were not looking right. For example, whenever I was watching TV or typing on my laptop, I would experience double vision and/or things were becoming really fuzzy. I finally realised it was probably a good idea to get my eyes tested... holy moly, turns out I'm short sighted in one eye, whilst the other has some sort of stigmatism. I'm still not 100% what it all means (refuse to believe my eyes are failing on me) but all I know is that I now need to wear glasses... 

Ironically, I was recently contacted by GlassesShop.com, who offered me the chance to review a pair of their prescription eyeglasses. I was honestly thrilled at this, as since I have not been used to wearing glasses, I had no idea just how much a decent pair could cost - jeeeeeez, glasses are expensive little things. Glasses Shop has a wide range of lovely styles to choose from - I was a little wary about choosing a pair of eyeglasses online, surely you need to try them on first, right? Nah, not anymore folks - Glasses Shop gives users the ability to upload their own picture and essentially try on glasses, even though it's over the internet - that's the future people!! I was able to 'try on' a number of different pairs, different shapes, sizes and colours. 

I, obviously, decided to choose a purple pair and these lovely ladies arrived in the post last week. The prescription is perfect and since I was careful and chose the correct measurement, the glasses fit perfectly on top of my nose. Exciting news - I'm not the only one who gets to have all the fun. GlassesShop have kindly offered my readers 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses. Just enter the code 'GSHOT50' at the checkout and enjoy your money off! 

Have you heard of GlassesShop before? Do you need to wear glasses as well?
Let me know in the comments below! :-)

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* This post was sponsored by Glasses Shop but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. I only ever work with brands I truly love and Glasses Shop fall into that category, thanks again! *


  1. those glasses are so lovely!


  2. These glasses look gorgeous. I need glasses from time to time too. Working on the computer can take its toll.

  3. They are lovely glasses, you picked well! :) I definitely think our eyesight changes as we get older - I need to use glasses when I'm working on the computer now.

    Hope you are having a great week!

    Away From The Blue Blog


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