Sunday 12 March 2017

Black and White Floral Dress - Outfit of the Day

Black and White Florals // Oh, how I love a floral dress. If I were to look at my wardrobe as a percentage, I would say floral dresses make up 99.9% of its contents... and yet, I can't seem to stop buying them - it's clearly an addiction. But the thing is, although I have a mountain of dresses all with a floral print, to me, they are all slightly different and unique in their own way. For example, the one I'm wearing today is quite different from any of the other black and white floral dresses that I own already ... I swear! ;-)

This dress caught my eye because of the lovely print - it looks as though someone could have hand drawn the flowers, and that's what makes it just that bit different from all the rest. I suppose I also love this dress because I won it on eBay and, well, you're never really sure what things will look like when you buy them online. I was in love with the print the moment I opened the parcel, and can't wait to wear this over summer!

Oh and if it looks like I have a red nose...  I do, I was freezing taking these pictures. 'Spring' in Scotland is still pretty damn cold....

More soon,



  1. adroable flower dress!

  2. Simple yet so elegant to look at. Black is an absolute versatile classic.


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