Sunday 12 February 2017

Valentines Love Heart Dress - Outfit of the Day

Valentines Love Hearts // Hello loves, wishing you all a lovely Valentines Day for when it arrives on Tuesday. Now, you may remember that I mentioned a while back that I'd fallen in love with a certain dress (it was this one here!) And you may have also remembered that I told you I had picked it up in two colours... Well, here we are! I decided to keep this cherry coloured beauty for Valentines time, and show off this heart print dress when we are about to celebrate the day of love! I'm going to be honest though - I actually decided to return this dress. The purple colour was not as discreet as the black and every crease and fold was very noticeable. When I sat down, the back of the dress became extremely crumpled and I just wasn't happy with how it looked - the black was much more forgiving. 

(Burgundy Love Heart Dress - Nobody's Child / Bag & Necklace - Vintage / Watch - Daniel Wellington)

It was a shame because I'm in love with the colour - I don't own enough burgundy/ cherry coloured items and was really rooting for this item to be a winner. I know it probably looks great in the photos, and even whilst typing this, I regret sending it back. But, sometimes things in real life are different and I would have probably never worn this one and always opted for the black. At least I still have the black one, which is still equally pretty. 

What do you think about this dress? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. aww this is such a pretty dress and the colour looks great on you. it's a shame you hd to send it back. xx

  2. Aww you look beautiful in the dress, wish you kept it though,the print is nice and cute. Perfect for a date!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  3. sorry to hear that you had to send it does look lovely in photos...but at least you have the one in black, right?

    have a lovely day!

  4. A great dress in the photo, sorry that only in the photograph ... :(

    ⤜ My blog "Demilla". Welcome! ⤛

  5. So nice. Really Valentine's Day ready.

  6. Such a beautiful dress! You look amazing!
    Have a great day!

  7. It is a great dress and looks wonderful on you. One of the great things about Valentines Day is that it makes you want to invest in more burgundy/red pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!

    City Style and Living The Editors Notebook | Instagram


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