Tuesday 7 February 2017

Creative Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Valentines Day // Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and is often referred to as one of the most popular day for marriage proposals. You don’t want to be cliché with just flowers and the ring in the champagne glass at a candle light dinner, do you? These clever proposal ideas and ring suggestions will help you seal the deal.

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Think of your girlfriend’s personality as you plan your Valentine’s Day proposal. Will she appreciate a public proposal or would she prefer something more intimate? Try to plan something unexpected, especially if you think she suspects a proposal.

Re-create a special moment in your history, such as where you first met or where you had your first date. Go back there and re-create the magic, complete with flowers.  For an extra effect, you could make it into a time capsule scavenger hunt, stopping at all of your old favourite hunts and have the last stop be where you propose, with a special clue, like, “The moment you’ll always remember.”

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Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day night and dinner time to propose. Spend the day together at a park in the snow, ice skating and skiing. It's romantic skating holding hands and snuggling with cups of hot chocolate afterwards. During a picnic lunch, ask her to marry you.

Do your proposal up big if your girlfriend doesn’t mind being the centre of attention. Hire a skywriter to fly around through a concert asking, “Will you marry me?” Likewise, if you two are movie buffs, arrange to play a short video of your history during the movie previews, ending with a recent photo of the two of you, a picture of the ring, and your proposal.

Be artistic. Do you like to bake? Bake her favourite cake and decorate it with hearts and roses, writing, “Will you marry me?” on it. Alternatively, you could have decorative cupcakes with those candy conversation hearts and present her with the open jewellery box and propose.  If you draw, sketch or paint her a picture of the two of you along with the ring.

Take your girlfriend out for the day. As part of the plan, take her ring shopping.  Discuss with the jeweller beforehand a few ideas so he can have a tray ready for you of possible options. When she finds one she likes, immediately go down on one knee and propose.

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Propose to your girlfriend with a temporary ring then take her back to the jeweller, where you can design her hand-crafted engagement ring together, and using rare and beautiful Argyle Pink diamonds. Try something trendy by setting 15 Argyle Pink diamonds around a dazzling Round Brilliant diamond in a halo-style ring.

Pick the ring and setting that speaks to her, such as a romantic heart cut, complete with channel set diamonds around the band. This ring would be ideal for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

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We know you feel a great deal of expectations when proposing at Valentine’s Day. However, the key to the best proposal is for it to match your personalities with an extra unexpected twist. This way, she won’t have any other option but to run in your arms with an enthusiastic yes.
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  2. Cute post and how gorgeous are those rings?! Xx

  3. Such awesome ideas! I especially like the one for movie buffs. It's so cheesy yet clever because who would actually expect for that to happen? Though if he gets rejected that would be really embarrassing and public haha

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  4. This ideas look very promising and interesting. Creative Valentine's Day proposal ideas are the thing that can make the opposite person more happy. Thanks for sharing.


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