Wednesday 14 March 2018

The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney | Book Review 2018

"Because the three Plumbs had agreed on the phone the previous evening that they should not drink in front of their brother Leo, they were all - unbeknownst to one another - sitting in separate bars in and around Grand Central, savouring a furtive cocktail before lunch".

The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney // Ahhhhhh just look at that cover. I'll admit, I knew absolutely nothing about this book when I decided to buy it. I just knew that I loved the cover. Perhaps I should have done a little background research but honestly, I didn't care. I had a Waterstones voucher and I was instantly sold! All jokes aside, I was interested to read something modern and with the tagline, 'New York Times Bestseller', I thought to myself 'it can't be that bad'.... 

However, I'll be honest... I was quite disappointed with this book. I was initially intrigued by the blurb; The Nest focuses on the dysfunctional Plumb family battling it out over a promised inheritance trust fund... families fighting over money... what's not to love?! Everything it seems, as this book left me quite cold and bored. We follow the lives of four siblings fighting over 'The Nest', the trust fund they've been promised access to once the youngest sibling turns 40 years old. Each of the siblings are expecting a 'life-changing' sum of money and have spent the majority of their lives living frivolously, knowing that The Nest will be their back up plan. However, when one sibling, Leo, finds himself in a drink and drug fuelled car accident, the Plumb siblings' much-anticipated inheritance is suddenly wiped out. His brother and sisters then come together and form a plan to get back what is owed...

This book is an annoying one for me. I actually really enjoyed it to begin with and the introductory prologue was brilliant. But, as the book went on, I found that most of the characters just came across incredibly narcissistic and shallow - surely there is more to life than money? They just seemed to be obsessed with this promised trust fund and that they had just spent their entire lives doing nothing else but counting down the days until they get rich. Maybe that is the point of the book, but it just left me bored.

*Small Spoiler*

What also bugged me the most was the ending. It was, I thought, incredibly cheesy and predictable, with most characters just (literally) walking off into the sunset living happily ever after.... really?! I just didn't find it particularly realistic and a bit of a cop out? Maybe I was expecting a bit more, maybe the gorgeous cover bigged it up a bit too much, maybe it was my own fault for judging a book by it's beautiful cover... 

Let me know if you have read this book and if you share my thoughts? Or perhaps you loved it? That's the great thing about books, everyone has their own experience/ opinion. 

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  1. Sounds like a book I would read, thanks for the suggestion.

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