Tuesday 4 October 2016

Top Five Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow 2016

Fashion Blogs // I remember reading my first ever fashion blog. It was 2009 and I was on my dad's desktop computer in the family office room. A fashion blog. It was not something I had seen before but I instantly fell in love with. Since I can remember, I've been obsessed with fashion. I love to see beautiful clothes worn in a beautiful manner and fashion blogging has opened up a huge world of inspiration for me. There are many blogs I follow religiously and I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite writers and creators that I love to read. I've based my picks purely on the fact that these girls always post rocking content, they forever look flawless and I'm so envious of their stunning wardrobes. Here are my favourite at the moment: 

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Alix, The Cherry Blossom Girl //  This was one of the very first blogs I ever read and followed back in 2009, and I still find myself going back to this day. I guess that shows how much I love this blog. Alix is the epitome of 'French Chic', encompassing everything it means to be French and have natural style and grace. I've really loved following Alix through her blogging life, and watch her transform from young style blogger to doting mum to baby Iris. Her blog has stayed true to it's origin style and design, making it a very welcoming sight when I return from time to time. I share Alix's love for dress up and always look forward to her fantastic Halloween posts - she creates incredible images which makes her a 'must read' blogger. Thank you Alix.


Victoria, In The Frow // I'm inspired by Victoria in more ways than one. Yes, her blog is fantastic and I find myself drooling over the high class photography and 'to die for' outfits, but I'm also motivated by her to pursue PhD study. I've read about Victoria's academic experience and it's encouraged me to think about this avenue for myself. I find Victoria comes across so genuinely lovely and I take time to read each of her posts and take in what she has written - it's usually some fab advice about ignoring online bullies or promoting self-love. I love to take the time and comment on Victoria's blog, excited at the fact she may reply, which she so often does to others. I've seen huge discussions take place in the comment section of In The Frow and it's not surprising - her posts have purpose and draw people back time and time again. Thank you Victoria. 


Arabella Golby // Without sounding too cheesy, Arabella is a quintessential english rose that looks effortlessly classy, stylish and composed. I fall in love with all her outfits that have been so meticulously put together - she takes time to look great and it shows - I wish I could rock a ruffled shirt like she can. I'm forever lusting over her Chanel bag and Dior earrings, but also admire the way she works high-street items into her wardrobe and makes them appear far more expensive/ exclusive than they actually are. In particular, I really enjoy watching Arabella's YouTube channel - she is a natural when it comes to clothes and discusses them in a lovely, eloquent manner. Be sure to also follow Arabella on Instagram, where she shares my love for front door appreciation! Thank you Arabella.


Luanna, Le Happy // Now, I'm prettttty sure you will have come across this flame-haired beauty in the past, whether that be Instagram or Tumblr. I first came across Luanna on LookBook and was instantly obsessed with her grunge style and fiery red hair. I think I love Luanna so much because of her 'uniqueness'. I had not seen anyone look like her before, and to this day, she still stands out of the crowd for all the right reasons. Luanna is a lover of vintage and I would love to crawl through the thrift stores of New York with her one day. She continues to stay true to her original grunge roots and it's always a pleasure visiting her blog for inspiration. Thank you Luanna. 


Deniz Gurbez, Dressed up Deniz // I can't quite remember how I discovered Deniz's blog, but oh boy, am I glad I did. Every outfit she posts is perfect. That sounds like an exaggeration but believe me, it's true - take a look for yourself. This girl nails formal chic and I would do anything to swap wardrobes with her. Deniz rocks beautiful dress after beautiful dress and she's a constant source of inspiration for me. Thank you Deniz.


There are so many other blogs that I love to follow and I really could go on all day about my favourite things about them. I have respect for all bloggers, big or small. Running a blog is a big commitment - it's very time consuming and only if you're a blogger yourself will you realise just how much work goes into editing posts and pictures. 

There can be rewarding moments and fantastic opportunities to work with brands that you love, but it's coupled with those frustrating days when you can't take a decent outfit photo, you travel to the perfect location only to be met with rain and wind (cry), but truly, blogging is really rewarding and such a lovely community to be part of. 

Who are your favourite bloggers and why? I would love for you to share some below, as I love discovered new blogs and following new writers. 

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  1. I follow some of them and the others look great. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you! Some of these bloggers are new for me :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Glad I could introduce you to some other bloggers! :) xx

  3. love Arabella as well :)

    1. Yes, Arabella is so stylish! :) xx


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