Wednesday 2 July 2014

* Wedding Outfit Inspiration *

Hello lovelies!

The wedding season is quickly approaching, and so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some wedding outfit advice. I've chosen three wedding scenarios that you may find yourselves in one day; The Plus One, A Family Affair and Best Friend's Wedding. Let me know which is your favourite! 

So you've been invited to a wedding, but you don't seem to actually know anyone? My advice is to play it safe with a solid silhouette and classic shapes. Wear a dress which is comfortable, and has a simple block colour or pattern. Team with a smart blazer to give you that all-round formal style. I would advise you invest in high-street items that can be easily transferable for other occasions and events. Most weddings are semi-formal, but if you are unsure of the dress code, stick to a fairly conservative style - Think Kate Middleton. 

It's the annual family wedding and everyone, including your great aunt Ethel is invited, so you're going to want to look your best. Feminine floral patterns and styles are always popular for Spring/Summer weddings, and will guarantee you get the approval of your grandmother. Keep it on trend by adding statement jewellery and a bright flash of colour on your lips. If you don't want to appear too formal, add a hot pink biker jacket and chunky white block heels to toughen up the look - Think Fearne Cotton. 

Best Friend's Wedding

This is the event where you can go full on glamour, without distracting from the bride of course! Invest in an elegant and sophisticated look, and pair with simplistic, yet stylish accessories. Minimalistic rose gold shoes and jewellery will add that glamorous touch whilst appearing effortless, and will allow you to keep the look understated, yet chic. You'll be sure to stand out for all the right reasons - Think Victoria Beckham. 

I really enjoyed creating these outfits on Polyvore, and it makes a nice change from my usual #OOTD posts. If you like this kind of post, please let me know in the comments below. Also, please leave suggestions of any similar posts you would like to see. :)

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  1. Great dresses, the second one is my favorite!

  2. Absolutely love the purse & watch in the last collection, but overall I have to go with no.1 as my fave - classic and summer-y!
    Laura xo

  3. Really love this post, great inspiration. Love the way you executed it! Thanks for the comment on my blog: The Faceless Style.
    Returning the support as always :)

    Please drop by on my other blog:

  4. Love this kind of post! You should definitely do more :)

  5. Love the violet dress great job.

  6. Love all of these looks! They're really pretty!

  7. I love all 3 outfits! Very nice selections.


  8. Great inspirations, I am in love with the last one!
    XOXO Hannah

  9. I'm looking forward to a wedding this summer! I can't wait, I love weddings so much! Lovely outfit choices, the first one is my favourite Xx

  10. All great looks, love that you matched the outfits to different scenarios. My best friends wedding is my favorite. the outfit is so effortlessly chic. I would also rock the same dress to work with court shoes.

  11. Gorgeous selection of outfits!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  12. great picks, the second one is my favorite! :)

  13. I love the first one! Those light colours would be perfect for a summer wedding. And Lime is looking so good right now!

  14. I'm in love with your plus one outfit, this is such a great idea for a post!


  15. The first style is my favorite <3

    Love Minnja

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  17. Great wedding inpso!

  18. Anonymous03 July, 2014

    great post, love everything

  19. Lot of pretty event in summer, love your ideas.

  20. Anonymous04 July, 2014

    Great outfits!

    would you like to follow eachother on GFC, google + and blogovin?

  21. preetty look

  22. I really like your first two: Plus One and Family Affair! This made me remember that my boyfriend invited me to be his plus one for his sister's wedding in September. I'm so excited but I don't know which category I fit in with yours...I'm his plus one but I do know his family pretty well! Ahh this made me excited:) Thank you for sharing your wedding advice!
    xo Olivia

  23. amzing looks!

  24. I love this post - I've got a wedding coming up in September so am going to be looking for a new outfit (any excuse!). I love the floral dress - perfect for a summer wedding :) x

  25. Great ideas!
    Love your blog, would you like to follow eachother?

  26. I love the second outfit,
    that dress is really pretty.
    It's such a good idea to do a post with some
    outfit inspiration for events like this. :)

  27. Wow, all three of these outfits are amazing! I love the tones of the pieces you chose, especially the purple of the best friend dress. And you have amazing taste in accessories!! Sadly I don't have any upcoming weddings to attend but there's no harm in getting dressed up for no reason, and I just may recreate some of these looks for other events :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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