Monday 2 January 2012

Hair - Guide to the Ombre Look.

Hello, it's 2012!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year and got extremely drunk - I did! So it's approaching that time of year when I have my annual haircut. I hate going to the hairdresser and that's why my hair is so long. However, I know when it's getting too long and i'm afraid to say, it's time for the chop. 


I'm not really sure what I want done, I just know I need something! For the majority of 2011, I followed the ombre hair trend, almost a requirement for bloggers these days. I wanted to do something different with my hair and I really do love the lighter ends but they are getting  really dry and no amount of conditioner is going to help me now!

Even though I will be getting rid of my lighter ends soon, I've put below a 'Guide To Ombre Hair', a few steps that hopefully you can follow and create the look for yourself. I know it would probably be easier to show you guys pictures, but as I said before, I bleached my hair months ago and didn't have my wee blog then :P haha hope the written steps are ok! I will probably be booking a hair appointment in the next few days... WISH ME LUCK! 


Here are a few photos taken of my hair back in October. Took them on my webcam but I think it shows the ombre quite nicely. 


This is just my own personal guide on how to get ombre hair. This is exactly the steps I took, however I am not responsible if the results are different for other people. Only bleach your hair if it is what you want to do. GOOD LUCK! :)

What you will need:

  • Hair lightening bleaching kit (Any cosmetic retailer such as Boots or Superdrug supply lots of different kinds – I used Superdrug’s own brand
  • An old hairbrush
  • A couple of hair bobbles/bands
Note - You need a hair BLEACHING KIT, not HAIR DYE. People can buy the wrong kind and wonder why they haven’t got ombre hair!

Achieving ombre hair is very easy and should only take about 20 minutes, don't worry if you take longer though.

I also suggest wearing old clothes or use an old towel round your shoulders. Bleach can dye your clothing so be careful! 

Now you are ready to ombre! 

The Steps: 

Step 1. Separate hair into two sections, one on either side.

Step 2. Tie back one side so you can focus on the other.

Step 3. Brush out hair, making sure there are no knots.

Step 4. Remember to wear the gloves provided. Follow the instructions on the back of the bleach container and mix your solution.

Step 5. Once the bleach is ready, apply the mixture to the ends of your hair. (I didn’t put enough on first time round and so had to apply twice.)

Step 6. Use an old hairbrush to spread the bleach evenly through your hair. IMPORTANTbe careful! This is hair bleach and mistakes can be made. Just take your time and apply it slowly.

Step 7. Now do the same for the other side of hair. Try and get the level right so that it is even all over. Nothing worse than one side more bleached than the other.

Step 8. Once both sides are done, leave the solution to work its magic and after the allocated time, wash it out of your hair.

Step 9. Dry your hair and check the results. You may need to do it again depending on your hair colour and thickness. BE AWARE - bleaching your hair can make it very very dry. If you need to apply again, be careful not to leave it too long as this could seriously damage your hair.


Feel free to ask me any questions - I am more than happy to help anyone! :)



  1. Hey Helen,

    Love this post! Did you just bleach the very ends? Because your hair looks to gradually go lighter towards the ends anyway, is this natrual or is this bleach too? I may try this!

    H x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! Don't worry, I hate going to the hairdressers too, they always mess my hair up! xo

  3. Yes I just put the bleach on the ends and then used an old hairbrush to even it out. The first time i did it I had a straight line across my hair which could look good on some people, but on me it looked ridiculous. So I applied another coat and used the brush to even it out and make it look more blended in and natural. In the end I had gone about 3-4 inches but my hair is really long so you might want to do less :)
    It was really bright when I first did it but after several washes the colour dulls and fades into more natural tones.
    Hope this has helped you love! xoxox

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!
    A BIG KISS!!!!!!!!

  5. I really like the ombré look - it looks great on you!!

  6. Thanks for the step by step instructions. Your hair from October looks great.

  7. I love your hair Helen! Its b-e-a-utiful! But I know what you mean, when you get that feeling you want a hair change, I'm not content until its different! xx

  8. I need to get my hair cut too, but I don't really like getting my hair cut that often either. But I think your hair is beautiful the way it is, so maybe just get it trimmed?

  9. omg! looks amazing! ive been thinking about doing it, but my hair is getting dry as is lol not sure if i should do anything to it. Hope you had a great new years!


  10. Wow! I love your hair I wish I was brave enough to try ombre hair. :) cute blog

  11. Love your hair in these pictures :)
    Kisses :*

  12. this was really detailed and helpful. been considering ombre for a while now. love your hair.x

  13. Thank you, very kind comments :) If anyone has any questions, then just ask! xoxox

  14. You hair is so pretty!

    Happy New Year dear!


  15. Haha, I got very drunk on New Years too. Your hair is so long and lucious, don't cut it too short!

  16. my hair has been long brown and boring for years....just not much a risk taker lol
    I think 2012 is def the year for a bit of style added to my hair do...we shall see. Happy Wednesday.

  17. Lovely blog and gorgeous pics! Read my new article about S/S 2012 trends! Kisses

  18. You look great with the ombre hair! I actually haven't gotten a professional haircut in about 3 years, I just trim it myself when I get bored haha! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. I would love to try this out, thanks for the information and tips. Looks so great on you

  20. love the ombre :)

  21. Lovin' the ombre!! I'll definitely be following the blog!

    I just made a blog a few days ago and would really appreciate it if you could follow me back!

    Thank you!
    Alice :)

  22. Love the ombre, I'm following you, chack mine out,


  23. I’ve passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! (Sorry if you already have it!) I love reading your blog, so here’s a little award :) Check out my post about it >> xxx

  24. Your hair looks beautiful!!!

  25. hellooo, im awarding you with this thing called the 'kreativ blogger award' well done:')
    i absolutely adore your blog.
    check out my post for more info about this award:-)

  26. I'm exactly the same- totally hate going to the hairdressers and put it off as long as I possibly can! Hope you decide on what to get xxx

  27. Since you've done your ombre hair has it made your hair more damaged? xxx


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