Monday 5 December 2011

Go with the Flo.

British Vogue Jan 2012

The wonderful Florence Welch graces the most recent front cover of Vogue. (Jan 2012). The singer has been absolutely everywhere lately which is not a bad thing. Her voice is so unique along with her flame red hair that is is impossible to not like her! (Well i think so anyways).

The photo shoot is not actually from Vogue Jan 2012, it is a shoot Florence did with Karl Lagerfeld (so that's why it is so beautiful!) for a magazine last year, but I found the pictures too lovely to ignore! Now I need to stop blogging and get on with some uni coursework.. although blogging does kinda count! ;) 

I shall leave you with a clip of Florence singing on the Jools Holland show a few years back. Enjoy! 



  1. She is so so gorgeous! And her hair - amazeeee x

  2. i know, i love her!! xx

  3. i love her too!
    wanna follow?


  4. Love her! Her hair is amazing :)Loving your blog xoxo


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