Sunday 20 November 2011

All That Glitters.

When my grandma passed away last year, we had the tiresome task of sorting out all her belongings and deciding what to keep and what not. This wonderful looking wooden box was hiding in the back of her wardrobe and it was like finding hidden treasure. I opened it up and discovered my gran's collection of costume jewellery. I've never worn any of it but I thought it was far too beautiful not to show you! The jewellery box itself is amazing. It has a little key which opens it and it can play a musical tune. It is definitely something I would save if my house was on fire. I photographed my favourite items to show you but there is a lot more pieces just as lovely (two boxes more in fact). 

Speaking of jewellery, here is the tiara I bought for the Royal Wedding celebrations earlier this year (£2 from Claire's). Me and some friends from uni dressed up, ate cake and drank champagne the whole day. I wish there was a royal wedding every day.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


(All images taken off my iPhone, really need to invest in a decent camera...)


  1. hahah you look so cute here!

  2. it is an impressive collection of custom made jewellery Helen. Like it very much. I wonder if that is real diamond bracelet? That would be really cool.


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