Tuesday 11 October 2011

Good afternoon everyone :)

So I'm still just getting the hand of this blogging thing... very slowly.. but i'm sure i'll get the hand of it soon! I'm still trying to figure out all the settings so please bear with me..

I was going to do an outside outfit post today, showing all the lovely new items I have just bought at the Topshop 20% student weekend... But I live in Scotland and the weather is crazy so i'll have to do it some other time!

However, I am able to show you the new earrings I got:

I saw these bad boys hanging on a rail whilst I was waiting to pay for my clothes and at £3.20, what's not to love?! I suggest everyone go out and buy a pair.. NOW! :)

The weather has slightly improved so will hopefully be back on soon with another post, that is if I can drag myself away from the new series of Gossip Girl... <3


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